SOLIFOS – Keeping People and Critical Infrastructure Safe and Secure

With its 20-year track-record, Solifos is a trusted supplier of fiber optic cabling and systems for demanding applications. Formerly the fiber-optic systems division of Brugg Cables, we are committed to the same high quality and reliability standards that have defined our products from the beginning.

Solifos delivers customized solutions and systems to fit specific customer needs. Our cables enable a broad number high reliability applications in sensing and communications across industry sectors including defense, energy, infrastructure and telecom.

We take pride in our reputation for high quality, reliable products. Solifos is your partner of choice for demanding fiber optic applications. Solifos stands for unique fiber optic applications.

ISO Certified

We have been awarded the certificates SN EN ISO 9001 / SN EN ISO 14001.


How to Find Us How to find us. If you need help with your arrival, just contact us at +41 56 461 80 00. We are happy to help you.

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Solifos always endeavors to meet agreed delivery deadlines and dates. However, Solifos cannot guarantee that delivery deadlines and dates will be met. This applies in particular if the customer or third parties are in default with the fulfillment of their own obligations or duties (e.g. down payments, payments; release, provision or signing of supplements, documents and plans; preparation or support by the customer or third parties) or in the event of new findings or cases of force majeure.

Yes, Solifos offers customized solutions that are specifically tailored to your individual requirements. Our flexible and innovative systems are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each customer. Whether you have special environmental conditions, specific performance requirements or unique configurations, we will develop a solution that meets your exact specifications. Our aim is not only to meet, but to exceed your expectations.

Yes, you can also order short lengths from Solifos. This offer sets us apart from many other suppliers and allows you to purchase exactly the amount of cable you need for your project. We understand that not every application requires long cable runs and therefore offer the flexibility to source shorter lengths.

Solifos products meet the highest quality standards and are tested and certified accordingly. The specific certifications and standards to which each of our products complies are listed in detail in the respective data sheets.

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