Fiber-optic Sensor Technology in the Heart of Munich: Monitoring the Subway Tunnel Ceiling

Advancements in fiber-optic sensor technology are paving the way for groundbreaking infrastructure monitoring solutions. A recent testament to this is found deep beneath the streets of Munich, where our sensor cables are playing a pivotal role in overseeing the integrity of a connecting tunnel in Munich’s subway system.

Project Fibra Dike: Effective Flood Protection through a New Fiber-Optic Monitoring System for Dikes

Dikes play a crucial role in protecting against floods and preventing damage to life and infrastructure. In light of climate change, improved monitoring technology is becoming increasingly important. In this context, a new distributed fiber-optic (DFO) monitoring system is being developed to detect infrastructural stability issues, erosion, and the exchange of groundwater and river water early on.

Bundeswehr Gearing Up: Network Service Teams with Solifos Components Improve Communication

The Bundeswehr has received the first new cable construction teams to independently network command posts. Four equipment packages for these network service teams were recently delivered. A total of 43 equipment packages are planned to comprehensively equip the German Army and the cyber and information space.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

Border surveillance is an important aspect of security today. Green borders or critical civilian and military installations must be monitored reliably, safely and around the clock.
With the fiber optic monitoring system from Solifos, a small, almost invisible cable easily takes on this task. It reacts to shocks, vibrations and pressure and up to 100 km can be deployed in one go.

New Product: Cable Reel Switch

The Cable Reel Switch (CRS) is the latest development from Solifos and combines the advantages of hand reels for tactical field cable laying with a switch integrated into the reel. The reel can be installed with either an Ethernet cable or a fiber optic cable.

Robust fiber optic cable systems prove themselves in civil protection exercises

The Schwarzwald-Baar 2021 district procured fiber optic field cable systems including accessories as supplementary equipment for the disaster control unit (IUK) of the command staff. In addition, critical buildings were equipped with fiber optic connectors in order to quickly establish a connection to the mobile units in case of emergency.

Fiber Optic Cable ensures increased security within the Grande-Dixence complex

For telecommunications and security purposes within the Grande Dixence complex, the operator, Grande Dixence SA, required a fibre optic cable in one of the power station tunnels near the the dam.

NOR-FROST: The New Fiber Optic Sensing Test Site in Norway

NOR-FROST is the new near-surface fibre optic sensing test site in the backyard of

Solifos wins armasuisse LWL4 tender

The Swiss army continues to rely on the proven solutions from Solifos as part of the expansion of its tactical field cable network.