Tactical Field Cable Systems

Field deployable fiber-optic data networks

Tactical Systems

Battlefield deployment is demanding not only on personnel, but also their equipment. It is critical to be able to count on your equipment and high reliability. Problems with cable deployment or rodent damage can quickly create serious risks. Solifos’ robust and lightweight cable solutions guarantee optimal in-field performance and availability under all conditions. All systems are available with the BRUmil, BRUfield and BRUtough cable types.

Complete Systems:

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The Most Robust

Unique stainless steel armoured fiber optic cable for up to 8 fibers. This cable was specially developed for the most demanding field deployments. It is NATO certified as well as by many other national militaries around the globe.

  • 100% rodent protected through the stainless steel armour
  • Outstanding anchoring properties with Solifos cable clamps
  • Small diameter down to 3,8 mm for four fibers with a weight of 25g/m
  • Available in single and multi-mode
  • Robust, halogen-free outer jacketing
  • Meets the German defense equipment standard VG95218-30 Typ 1
  • Optimal for universal field deployment whenever maximum toughness is required

Product Data Sheet

The Lightest

Extremely light, non-metalic fiber-optic cable specially developed for ergonomic deployment from hand roles or a backpack


  • Extremely compact construction with minimal weight and high flexibility
  • Minimal diameter of 3.8mm for four fibers and light weight of only 16 g/m
  • Robust, halogen free outer jacket
  • Rodent resistant
  • High pull-strength

Product Data Sheet

The Universal

Universal tactical fiber optic cable. In this standardized category one of the best, leading field cables on the market.

  • Excellent anchoring properties with cable clamps from Solifos
  • 5.5 mm diameter, 4 fibers. 25 g / m
  • Available in single and multimode
  • Extensive accessories available
  • Also suitable for inexperienced users

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Tank Test

In a real battlefield environment, communication lines must be able to withstand tough conditions. Tanks and heavy military vehicles can drive over the Solifos Tactical Fiber Optic Field Cables without harming them. In the experiment, the Leopard II tank and even a tank without protection clamps on its wheel chains did no damage to the cable.

Our Offering

We deliver a ready-to-use system, adapted to your individual needs. In addition to the special fiber-optic cables including the appropriate connector, this also includes installation accessories, maintenance and repair sets, required network components and other accessories.


  • Ready for immediate use: Fully developed system for immediate use
  • Extremely robust: All Solifos cables pass the “tank test”
  • Rodent protected: Our BRUmil cables in particular offer 100% rodent protection thanks to stainless steel reinforcement
  • Compact and light: Extremely compact design with low weight and high flexibility

Application Examples

Here are some reference projects in the field of tactical field communication and data networks for defense systems. Can’t find your project in the examples? Then get in touch with us personally.

Field Communication

Various Solifos cable systems together form a closed communication system in the field. The various sections use cables that are specifically tailored to the requirements. For example in the camp BRUtough and BRUfield because of the flexibility and outside of camp BRUmil because of rodent protection.

Installed Products: Hand Reels, Backpack with Reel, Vehicle Reels, XXL Vehicle Reels


  • Large variety of variants
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Different cable types depending on the application

Drone Systems

Tactical field cables from SOLIFOS are used for data transmission between the command vehicle and ground radio station. Rodent protection is essential in this type of application. A cable damaged by rodents can lead to considerable disruption or even the loss of the drone.

Installed Products: BRUmil


  • 100% rodent protection
  • Possible overrun without data loss
  • Lower weight and volume
  • Fast deployment ability

Air Defense Systems

Use of SOLIFOS field cables for data transmission between command station and radar unit as well as between command station and defense system.

Installed Products: BRUmil


  • 100% rodent protection
  • Possible overrun without data loss
  • Lower weight and volume
  • Fast deployment ability

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