System Components

System components for the integration of tactical field cables with other existing systems

Motor Reels (with and without rotary joint)

Motorized reels for vehicles are available with and without fiber-optic rotary joint. Rotary joints are available to simplify and automate the deployment and retrieval of cables.

Hybrid cables can also be provided with rotary joint to provide data and power in the same cable.

Interface Switch for Power and Data

Field switch with integrated interface transformer. These components are appropriate for connecting existing systems with the latest cable technology.

  • Field switch with integrated media converter to convert optical signals to electrical signals and vise-versa
  • Field switch with media converter and switch to quadruple the data interfaces
  • Field switch with media converter, switch and current/voltage transformer for data and power connections (appropriate for FO-Cu-Hybrid cable)

Our Systems:

Remote Supply for Hybrid (Power and Data Transmission)

Compact & Powerful: The BRUMIL 352 impressively transforms from 230 VAC to 1500 VDC. With a single hybrid cable for power and data, installation is simplified and expedited.

Eco-Friendliness Meets Technology: It replaces traditional power generators, reducing emissions and minimizing environmental impact.

Military Precision: Weather-resistant, robust, and reliable – the BRUMIL 352 is optimized for the most demanding military requirements.

– Input / Output: 230 VAC (Other voltages on demand)
– Energy output: max. 3000 W
– Distance to far end: max. 3000 m
– Data rate: 4x max. 10 Gb/s (TCP/IP)
– Interfaces: Fiber optical / Copper

Lightning and Over Voltage Protection

Field camps are not in a Faraday cage and have otherwise unprotected areas like tents and open camp areas. Measures therefore need to be taken to protect personnel and equipment from the dangerous effects of lightning and EMP sources. Solifos’ provides a complete solution including lightning and over voltage protection

Additional information on lightning and over voltage protection supplies provided upon request


  • Proven: Our solutions have been tested in tough field use
  • Compatible: Hybrid solutions are compatible with existing systems
  • Modular: System components are modular and adaptable
  • Flexible: Application-specific solutions can be implemented

For use cases and reference projects please contact us directly.

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