Fiber-optic Sensor Technology in the Heart of Munich: Monitoring the Subway Tunnel Ceiling

Advancements in fiber-optic sensor technology are paving the way for groundbreaking infrastructure monitoring solutions. A recent testament to this is found deep beneath the streets of Munich, where our sensor cables are playing a pivotal role in overseeing the integrity of a connecting tunnel in Munich's subway system.

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Project Fibra Dike: Effective Flood Protection through a New Fiber-Optic Monitoring System for Dikes

Dikes play a crucial role in protecting against floods and preventing damage to life and infrastructure. In light of climate change, improved monitoring technology is becoming increasingly important. In this context, a new distributed fiber-optic (DFO) monitoring system is being developed to detect infrastructural stability issues, erosion, and the exchange of groundwater and river water early on.

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Thousands of seismometers on a single cable

Fibre-​optic cables are emerging as a valuable tool for geoscientists and glaciologists. They offer a relatively inexpensive way of measuring even the tiniest glacial earthquakes – plus they can also be used to obtain more accurate images of the geological subsurface in earthquake-​prone megacities.

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