Published On: 4. December 2020|Categories: News, Sensing|

NOR-FROST: The New Fiber Optic Sensing Test Site in Norway

NOR-FROST is the new near-surface fibre optic sensing test site in the backyard of NORSAR, an internationally recognized independent research foundation with specialization in seismology and seismic monitoring.

Various fibre cables from different vendors were laid out in 3 depths (at 20, 60 and 100cm) in each trench. One of those cables is the BRUsens DSTAS V13 by Solifos. This cable is a special sensing cable for strain, temperature and acoustic sensing (DSTAS). The outer sheath is made from a rather stiff polyamid with a rippled outer surface for better acoustic coupling. Two single-mode (SM) fibres are each in separate (tight-buffered) metal tubes. One additional SM loose-buffered fibre is in a separate tube.

Read the full article with further information, pictures and a video about the test setup here: