Published On: 13. February 2024|Categories: Events|

Photonic Seismology (October 7 – 10)

We’re excited to announce that Solifos will be taking part at the upcoming Photonic Seismology conference in October, not just as participants but also as proud sponsors. This event is an important gathering for those at the forefront of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and other fiber-optic sensing technologies in Earth science.

About the Conference

This conference is set to bridge the gap between the latest research in DAS and practical applications in seismology, hydrology, and more, inviting collaboration between the scientific community and the telecommunications industry. Topics of discussion will range from earthquake detection to the integration of DAS with other technologies.

Solifos’ Contribution

Our team at Solifos is excited to share our advancements in fiber optic cables for sensing applications. We will hold a presentation detailing how our products contribute to seismic detection, early warning systems, and more, highlighting our commitment to innovation in fiber optic sensing.

Why You Should Attend

The conference offers a unique opportunity to dive into the latest in fiber sensing technologies, understand their impact on geosciences, and explore potential industry collaborations. It’s an essential event for anyone interested in the cutting-edge of Earth science and telecommunications.

Meet Us There

Join us to explore how the latest advancements in fiber optic sensing are lighting the way forward in geosciences. We look forward to sharing our insights and connecting with fellow innovators at the conference.