Laying accessories for use in the field

We not only offer high-quality fiber optic cables and matching connectors, but also a comprehensive range of accessories for installation and repair in the field. Our aim is to provide you with a ready-to-use system that is precisely tailored to your individual needs. In addition to special cables and connectors, this also includes carefully selected installation accessories, maintenance and repair kits and the necessary network components. Our accessories are specially optimized for the material of the cables and connectors and their functionality has been tested through many years of experience in the field.

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  • Optimized: Accessories have been optimized for the offered cables and connectors

  • Tested: Functionality has been tried and tested through many years of experience

  • Training offered: Comprehensive training program for personnel in the field

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Application Examples

Field Cable Deployment with Backpack Frame

The most universal method of deploying the field cable is on foot with the backpack. You can use it to move forward in almost any terrain and deploy the cable safely and ergonomically even over long distances.

Cable Deployment with Vehicle

The field cable can be deployed very comfortably with the vehicle and larger rolls with more cables can be used. Up to 10 km of cable can be laid on the XXL reels with one reel. Of course, not every terrain is suitable. However, the method can also be used with a ship if the cable e.g. to be laid on the seabed.

Crossing the Street with Masts

The cable can be freely tensioned through the air with wedge clamps. In this way, obstacles such as roads can be overcome in height. If no buildings, masts or trees can be used, e.g. the masts helpful for crossing a street. At the same point with two masts, up to 8 cable routes can pass the obstacle.


We deliver a ready-to-use system, adapted to your individual needs In addition to the special fiber-optic cables including the appropriate connector, this also includes installation accessories, maintenance and repair sets, required network components and other accessories.


Cable Reels

Cables are delivered ready for deployment, including the appropriate reels. Hand reels are appropriate for relatively short distances in a field camp or command post. NATO backpacks are appropriate for longer distances. For very long distances over land and water, a vehicle-mounted with a cable deployment bloc is the right choice.

Rotary joints are available as an option for for motor drives and reels to enable data and power connections during cable deployment.


Deployment Support

Field cables can be deployed in a broad variety of terrain but should be appropriately secured and fastened.

repair kits

Field Repair Kits

Field cables are exposed to harsh environments and the weather. Despite the best of care a connection is sometimes broken.

  • The Emergency Repair Kit (EBmR) is for cable repairs in the field. It includes mechanical splicing and ridged protective tubing (repaired cables can not be rolled)
  • The Workshop Repair Kit (TCRK) is for Fusion-splicing with a flexible protective tubing (repaired cable can be rolled)
measurement tools KPG-opt, LED Tester and TCMC

Testing Supplied for Fiber Optic Field Cables

Fiber optic field cables need periodic testing so that damaged areas can be localized. For this, there are appropriate test and measurement supplies.

  • The LED-Tester quickly indicates wether or not light is passing through the cable (cable is tested before installation).
  • The optical cable test unit (KPG-opt) indicates if a roll is ok and if multiple rolls are connected, how many more roles can be connected for a distance.
  • The TCMC (Tactical Cable Measuring Case) with OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer). Indicates attenuation, backscatter, connector interfaces and signal breakages to within a meter.