Repair of Defective Cable Systems

Field cables are exposed to harsh environments and the elements. Despite the best care, cables can be damaged and must be repaired.

Some repairs to repair a connector or cable can be done by the troops in the field or at a field repair location. However, refurbishing cables, rolls and systems needs to be done by the manufacturers trained experts in a professional workshop. Solifos’ offers a variety of convenient options for our customers:

  • Repair in our certified facilities at Solifos in Windisch Switzerland
  • Repair through a Solifos licenced partner in the customer’s country
  • Immediate exchange of defective components or entire sub-systems from Solifos’ stock and subsequent repair of the damaged equipment by Solifos or one of our licensed repair service providers


  • On-site repair: Professional repairs also possible in the country of use

  • Short repair times: Shortened repair times through immediate replacement

  • Professional user training: Know-how transfer to the end user on site

  • Advantages of trained personnel: Faster deployment and less damage

Your contact person

Andrea Fasciati
Director Sales

User Trainings

Using Solifos’ field cables is simple and easy to learn. Never the less, users benefit from having training on the various techniques and applications of field cables. The topics covered in a user training include:

  • Basics of fiber optic communications
  • Theory and practical training for the field cable deployment
  • Completion of field functional test, location of errors and repairs
  • Use of lightning and surge protection devices
  • Project-specific user training

Based on experience, a trained user is 2-4x faster in the installation of a field cable connection and the frequency of damage due to mishandling dramatically lower.