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Our wide range of accessories is tailored to our cables and microducts. Great importance is attached to ease of installation and handling. Most of the accessories are in stock and can be used quickly.


  • Comprehensive Range: Tailored to the cables and microducts offered.

  • Installation-friendly: Optimized for cost-effective installation

  • Good availability: Thanks to short delivery routes, good availability is guaranteed

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Verbindungsmuffen und Endstopfen für Mikrorohre

Microduct Connectors and End Stops

Microduct connectors in a “crystal clear” design offering reliable performance in all environments. We are offering straight connectors for joining microducts with equal dimensions and reducers for joining ducts with different diameters. Available are also End Stops for the various dimensions and permanent installation. Connectors and End Stops can be installed withour any further protection.

Teilbare Einzelabdichtung für Mikrorohre

Divisible Seals for Microducts

Divisible Seals for microducts and passing cables. Type A for sealing for microducts with diameter of 10-25mm diameter, type B for microducts 5-10mm.

Einblasgerät für Air Blown Fibers

Air Blown Fiber Installation Tool

The Air Blown Fiber Tool from Hexatronic is lightweight, easy to handle and designed for optimal performance for installation of Air Blown Fibers into microducts. The tool uses an electric motor to feed the fiber and compressed air from a compressor for optimal installation results.

Röhrchenhalter zu Einblasgerät für Air Blown Fibers

Duct Holder for ABF installation tool

The duct holder is an optional accessory for a secure fixing of the microduct to the ABF installation tool. This duct holder is very helpful for long distance blowing and for blowing pre-terminated ABF’s.

Einblasgerät für Nanokabel

Installation Tool for Nano Cable

The installation tool for Nano cables from Hexatronic is optimized for the installation of all Nano cables from Hexatronic into microducts. The tool is powered by a separate electric screwdriver (not included) and additional compressed air is used for long distance installation.

Minikompressor zum Einblasen von Air Blown Fibers und Nanokabeln

Miniature Compressor for Air Blown Fiber and Nano Cables

This miniature compressor is used for short to medium length installations of Air Blown Fibers and Nano cables into microducts. The unique, silent and compact compressor is designed for optimal performance in combination with Hexatronic installation tools for Air Blown Fiber and for Nano Cable.

Endkappen aus Messing für das Einblasen von Mikrokabeln.

Micro Cable End Caps

Brass end caps for blowing micro cables into microducts. These end caps are very slim, protect the cable end and improve the installation performance.

Schmiermittel und weiteres Zubehör fürs Einblasen

Accessories for Lubrication, Blowing and Cleaning

Lubricant and further accessories for blowing in microducts from Hexatronic

Werkzeug für die Kabel und Mikrorohrbearbeitung

Tools for cable and duct preparation

Various tools for the preparation of cables, microducts and duct assemblies. The tools are also available individually.

Werkzeug zum Abmanteln von Air Blown Fiber

Air Blown Fiber Stripping Tool

Easy and compact tool for the quick and safe sheath removal of ABF’s.

FiberPatch 1U-S
Kabelendverschluss aus Aluminium mit 1 Höheneinheit und bis zu 24 Mittelstücken, zum Spleissen

FiberPatch 1U-S

Patch panel made of aluminium, 1 unit high and up to 24 adapters, drawer, for splicing

FiberPatch 1U-FV

FiberPatch 1U-FV

Patch panel made of aluminium, 1 unit high and up to 24 adapters, box type for pre-assembled cables.

FiberPatch 10-48
Kabelendverschluss aus Aluminium mit 2 Höheneinheiten und bis zu 48 Mittelstücken, zum Spleissen

FiberPatch 10-48

Patch panel made of aluminium, 2 units high and up to 48 adapters, drawer, for splicing

FiberPatch K

FiberPatch K

Termination box with 3 units for fiber optic modules and a separate compartment for loose tubes. Modular expendable for up to 144 fibers

FiberPatch AP 12(24)
Wandmontierbarer Kabelendverschluss mit max. 12 bzw. 24 Mittelstücken

FiberPatch AP 12(24)

Termination box for wall mounting with up to 12 or 24 adapters

Spleissmaterial -

Splicing material

Splice trays and holders

Muffenkabine MK1-4

Joint Box MK1-4

Joint Box for outdoor application and for splicing metallic and dielectric fiber optic cables.

FiberQuick, Vorkonfektionierte Glasfaserkabel


Pre-assembled fiber optic cables Fiber count, fiber type, connector and cablelength according to your requirements