Published On: 14. April 2023|Categories: News, Sensing|

Project Fibra Dike: Effective Flood Protection through a New Fiber-Optic Monitoring System for Dikes

The project is implemented in several steps. Solifos plays a central role in the development of the new DFO pressure sensor. We bring our expertise and experience in fiber-optic technology to develop a sensor cable that accurately measures both soil and pore water pressure in dikes. We are currently in the midst of prototype development.

Subsequently, small-scale tests are carried out to evaluate the sensors in the following steps, followed by full-scale tests to validate the sensors and monitoring methodology. The measurement data will then be interpreted numerically and analytically. Finally, the system will be implemented during the construction of a real dike on the Rhône River to investigate the phenomena of erosion and scouring of the riverbed as well as the exchange of river and groundwater flows.

The new fiber-optic monitoring system represents a significant improvement in flood protection. Continuous monitoring allows problems to be detected early on and countermeasures to be initiated to prevent or minimize damage. The application of the system on the Rhône River will demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology in real environment and pave the way for future use.

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