Specialty fiber-optic cables for sensing applications. Measuring temperature (DTS), strain (DSS), vibration (DVS) and acoustic (DAS)

Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing (DFOS)

Fiber-optic sensing solutions enable reliable uninterrupted measurement of temperature, strain, vibration/sound, pressure and humidity over long-distance in a variety of applications.

As a passive sensor element, optical fiber technology enables precise measurement in extreme environments where other sensors would fail including high temperature applications up to 600 oC.

Advantages of fiber-optic sensing:

  • Maintenance free sensing as the fiber sensor is a passive element
  • Unlimited number of sensing points over distances up to 50km
  • Trouble-free application in demanding environments with extreme temperature, hazardous chemicals or radioactivity
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Cost-effective compared to other distributed sensing alternatives

There are a large number of diverse DFOS applications with new ones being added by the day. Typical applications include mission-critical measurements over large structures or where the use of other sensor technologies is either not possible or uneconomical.

Perimeter Control

Uninterrupted monitoring of long-distance borders and perimeter control for enhanced safety and security

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Structural Health Monitoring

Uninterrupted monitoring of large infrastructure for increased safety and targeted preventative maintenance

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Leakage Detection

Reliable and complete detection of leaks in pipelines, dams, LNG and many other applications

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Geotechnical Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of ground movement to anticipate emerging risk or danger situations

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Humidity Control

Environmentally sustainable distribution of water resources in dry locations or where exact dosing is required

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Temperature Control

Precise monitoring of temperature profiles along structures or in industrial processes

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Our Offer

Based on our extensive experience in the area of distributed fiber-optic sensing, we offer a large selection of specialty sensing cables as well as expert advice to ensure the right solution for your measurement needs.

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