Published On: 16. January 2024|Categories: Defence, News|

Solifos BRUmil Cables Receive VG Approval from VDE

Great news from Solifos AG: our BRUmil cable now officially possesses the coveted VG approval VG 95218 Part 30 Type L from the VDE. In comprehensive tests, the BRUmil has proven to be a true powerhouse – offering utmost robustness with minimal volume and weight.

The exceptional durability makes BRUmil the top choice in various application areas, even under extreme conditions. The renowned VDE Testing and Certification Institute in Germany successfully completed the sample testing without finding any faults. This underscores the superior quality of our BRUmil fiber optic cable.

This approval marks a groundbreaking milestone for Solifos AG, as it confirms our consistent commitment to the highest quality and safety standards. With the VDE approval, we are proud to display the esteemed VDE mark and the VDE registration number on our products – a clear statement for quality and trust in the industry.

This recognition additionally highlights the outstanding suitability of the BRUmil cables for the most demanding applications and projects. The VDE approval lays the foundation for Solifos AG to further strengthen its market presence and solidify its position as a reliable supplier of high-quality fiber optic cables. A promising start for the coming years.

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