Mode of operation

Geotechnical applications are used where there is a need to monitor and understand ground movement such as in mines or with large geotechnical construction sites. Strain sensor cables are used in most cases. However, there are applications utilizing acoustic sensing to detect and report changes.

Panoramaansicht eines verschneiten Bergdorfes mit zahlreichen Gebäuden, eingebettet in eine schneebedeckte Alpenlandschaft, potenzieller Anwendungsbereich für geotechnical monitoring zur Erfassung geologischer Stabilität

The sensor cables are installed in the ground along endangered routes. Displacements of the same cause elongation changes in the fiber. Pre-strained cables can be used to detect compression. Acoustic cables are used to detect vibrations caused by motion. Most systems are used where abrupt and significant movements can cause significant damage e.g. rock slides, earthquakes.

Geotechnical applications are the most common of the many in the broader area of geophysical measurement. It is specifically considered here because most repetitive conversions take place in this area. Solifos has supplied specialized sensing cables and expertise in many other areas. including:

  • Atmospheric science: measurement of wind currents
  • Global environmental testing: polar cap research
  • Oceanography: Seismic oilfield detection
  • Geology and Geophysics: Water flow measurement in cliffs
  • Geothermal: Temperature monitoring and control

Distributed fiber-optic sensing applications are diverse and growing daily. As a globally recognized pioneer in specialty sensor cable design and installation, Solifos is pleased to provide expert advice and consulting for your application.


  • Access to critical data: Suitable for direct installation in rock and concrete

  • Continuous data collection: Infinite number of measuring points with just one sensor cable

  • Maintenance-free: Sensor cables ensure decades of operation

  • Without power supply: Use without electrical energy supply for the sensors

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Application Examples

Landslide / Slope Monitoring

Global warming has increased the elevation of permafrost zones and the risk of land slides in populated areas. Communities at risk receive early warnings of potential risk and can be evacuated utilizing Solifos’ sensor cables. Large geotechnical and construction projects face similar risks and can be protected by Solifos’ distributed fiber-optic sensing cables.

Installed Products:

Rockfall Detection

Critical transport infrastructure including mountain roads and train lines can be protected from falling rocks utilizing Solifos’ sensing cables. In particular, in cases where falling rock impedes the tracks or street in difficult to reach locations, drivers can be notified ahead of time. In this way, Solifos’ simple fiber-optic sensors replace expensive “Geophones” and special communications technologies.

Installed Products:

Tunnel Monitoring

Tunnels of all sorts for road traffic, trains or trams are monitored not only for fire risk. Monitoring their structural integrity is also becoming an increasingly important area, in particular for large tunnel projects. Strain sensitive cables can be cemented behind the isolation wall, and when mounted in a parallel spiral indicate changes in 3D-areas.

Installed Products:


BRUsens BSSH V13
Hybrides faseroptisches Messkabel für Dehnung, Temperatur und Akustik

BRUsens BSSH V13

Hybrid distributed fiber optic sensing cable for strain, temperature and acoustic containing 3 stranded FIMT and a structured PA sheath. FIMTs are freely configurable and usable for up to 1% strain measurement.

BRUsens DSS V0
Verteiltes faseroptisches Dehnungsmesskabel mit Metallbündelader

BRUsens DSS V0

Distributed fiber optic strain gauge cable with metal loose tube, metallic reinforcing wires and an HDPE outer sheath for strain measurement up to 1%

BRUsens DSS V3

BRUsens DSS V3

Distributed fiber optic strain gauge cable with metallic tight buffered tube, metallic reinforcing wires and a structured PA outer sheath for strain measurement up to 1%

BRUsens DSS V9

BRUsens DSS V9

Distributed fiber optic strain gauge cable with metallic tight buffered tube and a structured PA outer sheath for strain measurement up to 1%



Distributed fiber optic acoustic measuring cable with metallic tight buffered tube, steel wire reinforcement and PA outer sheath



Distributed fiber optic acoustic measuring cable with metal loose tube, steel wire armouring and a PA outer sheath