Published On: 24. November 2022|Categories: News, Telecom|

Robust fiber optic cable systems prove themselves in civil protection exercises

This includes, among other things, the secure communication of the mobile units of the command staff. Based on previous experience with fiber optic cables, which have been carried in the command vehicle since 2008, the product evaluation for more robust fiber optic connections in conjunction with mechanically stable connectors took place in 2020.

The Schwarzwald-Baar 2021 district procured fiber optic field cable systems including accessories as supplementary equipment for the civil protection unit (IUK) of the command staff. In addition, critical buildings were equipped with fiber optic connectors in order to quickly establish a connection to the mobile units in case of emergency. The command vehicle 2 as well as a roll-off container for meetings were also equipped with the fiber optic connectors. The fiber optic field cables are always used when it is necessary to adapt a command post to the broadband network of the district or to a remote internet or network connection.

The procured material has already been put to the test in several exercises and workshops. In October 2022, a command and control centre located in the field was connected to a remote internet satellite transfer point via several hundred metres of fiber optic field cable. The installation took place at dawn and during heavy rain. Even in these bad weather conditions, laying and rapid installation was guaranteed.

“Due to the very simple construction and the mechanical stability of the field cable as well as the connectors, this is an optimal equipment for field use. The procured equipment completely fulfils the requirements of the IUK unit of the Schwarzwald-Baar district.” (IUK unit of the Schwarzwald-Baar district, 2022)

In use:
1’000m BRUfield on NATO Metal Reel
Backpack with Reel NATO LUX 2010
Deployment Accessories
Various adapter cables for all common fiber optic connector systems